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Franchise Law

North Carolina Business Law Firm Assists Clients with Franchise Law

Endeavoring to franchise your business is a big undertaking, and must be considered carefully. As a business owner, you must consider whether your business concept is one that can be successfully replicated and whether it is in your best interest to turn your idea into a franchise. There are many elements that you have to take into consideration before making the leap to franchisor.

From the other perspective, if you are looking to purchase a franchise, there are issues you need to evaluate. When you buy a franchise, you are doing more than simply running a business. You have to ensure that you have reviewed the provisions of the franchise agreement and other binding documents to protect yourself and your new business venture. For all of this, you need a top-notch, experienced law firm to guide you through the process of either becoming a franchise, or purchasing one. The Raleigh, NC Law Offices of Crawford & Crawford have the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to help you turn your business or franchise into a viable, sustaining business venture.

Why Purchase a Franchise?

Purchasing a franchise is a quick-start business opportunity for new entrepreneurs, and can be quickly lucrative. Franchises have name brand recognition, a tried and true product that fits the needs of consumers, and established strategies for doing business. As a potential franchisee, you may be tempted into buying a franchise before you have examined the potential risks. Let the skilled franchise law attorneys at Raleigh’s Crawford & Crawford help you decide if buying or becoming a franchise is right for you.

The Law Offices of Crawford & Crawford’s franchising law services include:

  • Review, analysis and consultation for franchise acquisition, sale, and formation
  • Litigation for franchisor failure to train
  • Litigation for plaintiff-franchisees in areas including: franchisee breach of franchise agreement, wrongful seizure of royalties and fees, and breach of exclusive territory covenants
  • Total franchise drafting, setup, and filing
  • Litigation defense for franchisor misrepresentation or fraud claims
  • Litigation for plaintiff-franchisors in areas including:
  • Franchisee breach of franchise agreement
  • Failure to pay royalties and fees
  • Breach of non-compete covenants

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The opportunity for growth in international and domestic franchising is limitless. Call the Law Offices of Crawford & Crawford today to begin your foray into the exciting world of franchising. You can reach us at our office in Raleigh, North Carolina at (919) 436-3356.

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