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The lawyers at Crawford & Crawford, LLP, Attorneys at Law, are dedicated to representing business owners, professionals, and other individuals throughout North Carolina. Our law firm is built upon our commitment to our clients and our strong record of success. We have stood beside professionals such as engineers, general contractors, health care providers, law enforcement officers, insurance agents, and other individuals to ensure that their rights and their careers are protected. We advise business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Our law firm provides trusted counsel and aggressive representation in cases involving:

  • Professional and occupational licensing: We are dedicated to protecting the careers of professionals facing licensure suspension or revocation.
  • Employment law: Our attorneys provide aggressive and thorough representation for employees or for employers involved in employment law disputes or other employment law concerns.
  • Business law: We provide legal consultative services for new and existing small businesses in matters related to business law.
  • Franchise Law: We advise and represent franchisors and franchisees in all aspects of franchise law.
  • Civil appeals: We are experienced in every stage of civil litigation, from discovery and depositions, to settlement negotiations and mediation, to trial and in Civil appeals when necessary. You can rest assured that you will have strong, experienced representation by your side through each step of the ligation and appellate process.

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